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AAA Medical Compliance Testing is a third party administrator of workplace drug and alcohol testing programs, committed to helping the business community establish and maintain a drug and alcohol free environment. We can handle individual components of your company’s program or provide a comprehensive package to meet all your needs. Our staff specializes in assisting agencies nationwide with implementing successful drug and alcohol testing programs. AAA Medical offers a full line of hair, urine, and oral fluids drug testing, and specializes in hair testing. With the ability to provide specimen analysis for clients worldwide, AAA Medical has emerged as the leader in the hair analysis industry. We also offer forensic testing and drug evidence analysis for law enforcement groups and courts across the country, as well as instant test kits for onsite screening for drugs of abuse. AAA Medical currently services thousands of clients locally. ​ With our lab partners, we have the capability to perform 2,000 tests per day. Using Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) and GC/MS technology, Noble Diagnostics’ ability to perform accurate, timely and cost effective testing for clients worldwide keeps us in the forefront in the fight against illicit drug use.

AAA Medical Compliance Testings’ Lab Partners Credentials: Accredited by the College of American Pathologists (C.A.P.) Accredited by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (C.L.I.A.) Participant in the Federal Voluntary Hair Proficiency Testing Program (administered by Research Triangle Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC) Enrolled in Forensic Urine Drug Testing Program, College of American Pathologists

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DNA Paternity Testing

Special locations (called loci) in human DNA display predictable inheritance patterns that can be used to determine biological relationships. These locations contain specific DNA sequences, called markers, that forensic and DNA scientists use as identifying marks for individuals. In a routine DNA paternity test, the markers used are Short Tandem Repeats (STRs), short pieces of DNA that occur in different repeat patterns among individuals. Each person’s DNA contains two copies of these markers—one copy inherited from the father and one from the mother. Within a population, the markers at each person’s DNA location can differ in length and sometimes sequence, depending on the markers inherited from the parents. The combination of marker sizes found in each person represents his/her genetic profile. The laboratory examines a minimum of 16 STR markers to create a genetic profile for each tested person in a paternity, identity, or family relationship test. We provide the following available configurations: ​ Trio Paternity Testing, Motherless Paternity Testing, Paternity Testing with Related AFs, Post-Mortem Viability Test, Maternity Test, Grandparentage Test, Siblingship Test.

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AAA Medical Testing continues to enjoy explosive growth with more than 45 locations currently open across the country . This growth is directly attributable to the changing landscape of health care in which consumers are demanding affordable and convenient access to direct lab testing, and the demand from investors for a simple to open, simple to run, low investment office.

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